Prominent Diaphragmatic Slips

prominent diaphragmatic slips

This 85 year-old female presented for recurrent inguinal swelling after hernia repair. An abdominal CT was performed, demonstrating a fluid collection at the surgical site (not shown here). Shown here is a section from the upper abdomen, where two soft-tissue density curved structures can be seen lateral to the liver (arrows). There is also a less well defined soft-tissue density structure on the opposite side (arrowheads). These structures could be traced to their insertions on the diaphragm, confirming that they are merely prominent muscular slips. Diaphragmatic slips are not uncommonly seen with CT, and should be differentiated from fluid collection or soft-tissue mass.

Reference: Panicek DM, et al. The diaphragm: Anatomic, pathologic and radiologic considerations. RadioGraphics 8(3): 385-425. 1988.

Credit: Dr Laughlin Dawes