Gallbladder Carcinoma

gallbladder carcinoma

This 85 year-old female presented with abdominal pain. Click on the image for outlines. An abdominal ultrasound image shows a large heterogeneous echogenic mass in the expected region of the gallbladder (red outline). The echo-free rounded cystic lesion posteriorly is a renal cortical cyst (blue outline). In the region of the porta hepatis is a gallstone (green outline). Doppler examination (not shown) demonstrated vascularity within the gallbladder mass.

An MR was performed which confirmed the ultrasound findings. Extensive liver metastases were also demonstrated.

Gallbladder carcinoma may present as a large mass infiltrating the liver and gallbladder fossa, an intraluminal mass (as in this case), or focal or diffuse mural thickening. Seventy-five percent of patients have gallstones. GB carcinoma is most commonly found in elderly females. Gallstones, chronic cholecystitis and porcelein gallbladder are risk factors for the development of GB carcinoma.

Reference:, Amirsys

Credit: Dr Laughlin Dawes