Hypothalamic Pituicytoma


This 42 year-old male presented with visual disturbance and was found to have an enhancing mass in the suprasellar region. In the sagittal post contrast image above, note the direct continuation of the mass with the pituitary infundibulm. Following surgery, this was confirmed to be a pituicytoma.

Pituicytomas are rare tumours arising from pituicytes, a specialised glial cell in the neurohypophysis and infundibulum. The appearance in this case is typical: a suprasellar enhancing mass continuous with the infundibulum. They are benign, WHO grade 1, slow growing tumours. The differential diagnosis includes: pituitary adenoma (should have intrasellar component); lymphocytic hypophysitis; pituitary hyperplasia; and metastasis.

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Reference: Osborn A, et al. Diagnostic imaging: Brain. Amirsys 2004

Credit: Dr Natalie Yang