Slow K

slow K tablet in trachea

This young patient collapsed on the ward and was thought to have had a pulmonary embolus. A CTPA revealed a tablet lying dependently in the patient’s trachea, with changes of aspiration in both lower lobes (not shown). A second tablet was visible in the stomach… the tablet was removed via a bronchoscope and confirmed to be a Slow K (potassium).

Alternative brand names for potassium supplements include: K Long, Klor Con, Rum K, and Neo K among many. Contrary to popular belief bananas do not have the most potassium… in fact one baked potato, and even 1/16th of a watermelon have more than one medium banana.

For axial and sagittal images of this case see here.
For other foreign bodies see here.


Credit: Dr Frank Gaillard