Nail-Patella Syndrome

nail-patella syndrome

Nail-patella syndrome (synonyms: Fong’s disease, Trauner-Rieger syndrome) is a rare autosomal dominant condition.

Clinically the key feature is absent/hypoplastic nails from birth.

• Diagnostic radiographic findings include the following:

o Absent/Hypoplastic patellae (with a tendency to recurrent dislocation)

o Hypoplasia of the radial head or capitellum (leading to subluxation/dislocation)

o Bilateral posterior iliac horns.

The bilateral posterior iliac horns are due to exostoses arising from the posterior aspect of the iliac bones are present in as many as 80% of patients; this finding is considered pathognomonic for the syndrome.

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Credit: Dr Ian Bickle, Dr Smitha Vandiyil