Hyperostosis Frontalis Interna

hyperostosis frontalis interna

An idiopathic benign condition, the importance of which stems mainly from the necessity of not mistaking it for pathology. (see Radiopaedia.org here)

It is characterised by thickening of the inner table of the skull anteriorly.

When it is part of the triad of: hyperostosis frontalis interna; obesity; virilism and hirsutism, it is known most commonly as Morgagni’s syndrome, although it has also been referred to as:

  • Morgagni-Stewart-Morel syndrome
  • Morel’s syndrome
  • Morel-Moore syndrome
  • Morgagni’s triad
  • Morgagni-Morel-Stewart syndrome
  • Stewart-Morel syndrome
  • Stewart-Morel-Morgagni syndrome

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Credit: Dr Frank Gaillard