Delphian node SCC

delphian lymph node

This patient had a prior SCC (H&N) resected from the oral cavity and represented with midline prelaryngeal neck mass confirmed to be SCC metastatic disease on FNA.

The Delphian node (prelaryngeal) along with paratracheal nodes, pretracheal nodes, perithyroidal nodes make up level VI and are not routinely excised in radical neck dissection.

Involvement of this node can be as a result of diffuse nodal involvement in SCC (H&N), or in isolation from direct lymphatic spread of laryngeal cancer through the anterior commissure. Thyroid carcinomas may also involve this node.

The delphan node gains it’s name from the Oracle of Delphi, whose prophecy in this case would be of an unpleasant death secondary to laryngeal cancer.


  2. Medcyclopaedia
Credit: Dr Frank Gaillard