Transcallosal Approach


This patient had a colloid cyst removed via a transcallosal approach to the roof of the third ventricle. Note the craniotomy defect and surgical defect in the body of the corpus callosum.

The transcallosal approach is a common access route for surgery on the bodies of the lateral ventricles, and third ventricle, which does not lead to serious neurological deficits. It is therefore used for resection of intraventricular tumours such as central neurocytomas, choroid plexus tumours, or of colloid cysts. Additionally it can be used for third ventriculostomy for treatment of obstructive hydrocephalus. This approach can also be used with neuroendoscopy.


1. Kasowski H, et al “Transcallosal approach for tumors of the lateral and third ventricles” Neurosurg Focus 10 (6):Article 3, 2001

Credit: Dr Frank Gaillard