Parameniscal Cyst

parameniscal cyst

Multilocular cystic mass communicates with a medial meniscus horizontal tear.

DD of parameniscal cysts:
1-Ganglion/Synovial cyst: does not originate from meniscal tear.
3-Cystic masses e.g. hematoma, hemangioma or rarely cystic neoplasms.
4-Popliteus tendon sheath when filled with fluid (vs posterior horn lateral meniscal cyst)

If a cyst is present at the joint line or continuous with a mensical tear, then assume a meniscal origin of the cyst (as in the present case).

Treatment: resection of cyst and repair of tear.

Reference: Stoller, et al. Diagnostic Imaging: Orthopedics. Amirsys

Credit: Dr Ahmed Haroun