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Bilateral Popliteal Artery Aneurysms

May-Thurner Syndrome


cardiac CT of ebstein\'s anomaly

Thrombosed Prosthetic Tricuspid Valve in Ebsteins Anomaly

nutmeg liver ct

Nutmeg Liver

traumatic aortic injury

Traumatic Aortic Injury

Takayasu’s arteritis

Takayasu Arteritis

thoracic aortic dissection

Thoracic Aortic Dissection (DeBakey Type II)

ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm

Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

bovine aortic arch

Bovine Arch

interrupted aortic arch

Interrupted Aortic Arch

lost guide wire

Lost Guide Wire

popliteal aneurysm

Monckeberg Medial Sclerosis

situs inversus

Situs inversus

aberrant right subclavian artery

Aberrant Right Subclavian Artery

aortic mural haematoma

Aortic Mural Haematoma

aortic dissection

Type A Aortic Dissection

scimitar syndrome

Scimitar Syndrome

Parkes Weber syndrome

Parkes-Weber Syndrome

vena cava anomalies

Vena Cava Duplications

azygous vein

Azygous Vein

mitral annulus calcification

Mitral Annulus Calcification

cerebellar embolic infarcts

Embolic Infarcts

takayasu arteritis

Takayasu Arteritis

acute pulmonary oedema

Acute Pulmonary Oedema

double aortic arch with atresia of the left arch subtype 3

Aortic Arch Anomaly

tuberculous pericarditis

Mediastinal Tuberculous Abscess

coronary artery occlusion

Coronary Artery Occlusion

saddle pulmonary embolus

Saddle Pulmonary Embolus