What Are the Best Apps to Quit Smoking?

What Are the Best Apps to Quit Smoking US hand holding mobile with no smoking logo - What Are the Best Apps to Quit Smoking?

Smoking is a terrible habit that brought no good to anyone and as such should be heavily controlled by various regulations and medical experts. The reasons why people become addicted to smoking are often numerous, but in most cases, addiction is a psychological rather than physiological problem. In other words, it is ultimately up to you not to succumb to the will of your subconsciousness and to resist the urge to light a cigarette.

Nowadays, people often use cutting-edge methods to quit smoking, one of them being downloading popular apps that can help you get rid of this bad habit.


QuitNow! is a community app, which means that thousands of people use it to support each other in their effort to quit smoking. The app currently has more than two million users, many of whom are actually ex-smokers who give support to people who are in the process of quitting. The app also has a nice daily reminder which tells you how long it has been since you had your last cigarette.


Unsmok’d is available only for iOS, and it has a very unique approach to helping its users quit smoking. All you have to do is take out your anger and frustration on a fictional character called Smoky. It is assumed that, whenever you have cigarette cravings, all you have to do is wait for them to pass. People can get quite irritated during these short periods, and Unsmok’d provided the greatest distraction/stress relief possible. Start hitting Smoky and curb your temptation every time you feel the urge to light a cigarette.

Smoke Free

Smoke Free is perhaps the most comprehensive smoking app in the world. It is available for both iOS and Android, and it has the highest success rate among the users. Smoke Free has a very unique approach since it offers a wide variety of health-related information as you progress through levels. Basically, you only need to enter the time when you smoked your last cigarette, and the in-app algorithm will do everything else for you. It will calculate how much your lungs can regenerate, how much your breath has improved, your blood flow improvement, and many other interesting things.

Seeing all those improvements (and even feeling some of them) will make you feel better about yourself and stop thinking about smoking. This is a very powerful app that you can download for free!


In the end, it is up to you and your willpower to try and withstand the cravings and mood swings that may happen after you decide to quit smoking. The process is not easy, but it is a rewarding one as you will feel much better once the cravings cease to exist and you become free from this destructive habit.