4 Myths You Might Have About Addiction

whiskey cigar - 4 Myths You Might Have About Addiction

We like to believe we know more than we actually do, especially when we base our knowledge on TV shows and movies. Addiction is one of those topics we think we know a lot about when the truth is that many of our beliefs are just myths. For example, using BetYetu Coupon Code to bet once or twice for fun cannot possibly be considered an addiction, yet many people mistakenly think so. That’s why it is important that we educate ourselves and learn more on the topic of addiction before we make judgments or spread false information further.

Addiction can be beaten with willpower

wall 300x283 - 4 Myths You Might Have About AddictionThe myth that willpower is the only thing a person needs to beat and overcome an addiction is so often heard and so misleading. It is true that willpower is an important aspect of the battle against addiction, but willpower alone usually cannot be the answer. In the cases of prolonged addiction, there are typically physical and psychological consequences left on the brain. A brain of a person suffering from addiction sends signals of intense cravings that willpower cannot control. What this person needs is medical care and therapy to help them overcome these issues and lead them to recovery.

You need to hit ‘rock bottom’ before you start treatment

Some think that a person needs to hit ‘rock bottom’ or have a ‘wake-up call’ before they seek professional help, probably because modern media has presented this concept to us through TV shows and movies. This is actually a very dangerous misconception because it prevents people from seeking help in the early stages and encourages them to wait. In reality, you do not need to be at a point of no return to seek help. Moreover, it is advisable to seek medical help or turn to those around you as soon as possible in order to avoid long-term consequences on your body and mind.

There is nothing you can do to cure addiction

handcuffs freedom 300x230 - 4 Myths You Might Have About AddictionBelieving that addiction in inevitably incurable is also a very dangerous way of thinking because it doesn’t give the person suffering from addiction hope they need. Addiction is a brain-based disease, and severe cases are very difficult to cure. However, there is so much that can be done for people suffering from addiction, including therapy, medication, meditation, exercise and so much more. Addiction doesn’t have to be a lifelong issue. Even if it takes a long time to fully cure it, the end goal is a normal life, free from addiction.

You cannot force a treatment

Some people will argue that a person needs to realize the situation or like we said, get a ‘wake-up call’, and ask voluntarily for medical help. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the case since family members or close friends can initiate treatments for a person suffering from addiction. This is much more beneficial than letting the situation unfold and counting on that person to do the right thing, since addiction often doesn’t let them realize the situation as it is.