The Effects of Modern Technology on People’s Health

working 1 - The Effects of Modern Technology on People’s Health

The development of technology lies at the core of human progress, and it is a fact that simply can’t be denied. The areas of life where technological growth has yielded the best results are diverse and encompass anything from production and communication to health and entertainment.

The fact that technology is entwined with all aspects of our lives, from our work (it’s online now, right?), connections (we FaceTime everyone nowadays!), to entertainment (amazing video games, fun on apps and websites offering coral free bet offers, Hulu, and other fun platforms we may use in our free time) and the fact that it can both save lives and make them a bit easier and more convenient is astonishing. However, it should be acknowledged that rarely does any progress come without a cost, and the cost of the development of technology is manifested through a certain detrimental impact on both the physical and mental health of its users.

Effects on Physical Health

business 300x206 - The Effects of Modern Technology on People’s HealthThe branch of technology that possibly exerts the most significant influence on its users is digital communication. The way people communicate has altered thanks to the growth of smart devices and computers we now carry in our pockets and which have immense power. You are now able to search and obtain information with a simple tap on your smartphone screen, or send messages and make video calls on the go.

All these communication methods imply we are now looking at screens more often than ever before and that screen time has been proven to lead to deterioration of eyesight, as well as a sleep disorder.

Namely, people who look at their screens before bedtime are more likely to suffer from the lack of sleep and anxiety which is connected to the blue led light from the screens. This light affects our brain activity and prolongs its state of being awake and active, thus reducing the much-needed sleep time.  

cell phone 300x226 - The Effects of Modern Technology on People’s HealthAnother physical aspect that is connected to the use of technology is the posture of our body. Using a smartphone usually implies being in a slightly slouched position and looking down at your screen which can cause problems with your spine and neck. Also, with a sedentary lifestyle that includes sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen, you are in danger of corrupting your body posture even further, which can lead to problems such as obesity and spondylosis.

Effects on the Mental Health

With the rise of digital communication, a new wave of human interaction took center stage. You have guessed it right — it’s social networking. Social networks have taken over the way people communicate and represent themselves to a broader audience.

cafe break 300x234 - The Effects of Modern Technology on People’s HealthAlthough the benefits are many, researchers have demonstrated that virtual life has become increasingly important to people and that many mental states are easily associated with the online activity of individuals on social networks. This gives rise to waves of joy when a picture you posted gets more likes and comments than expected, but could also lead to increasing levels of anxiety and even depression when a person doesn’t feel significant enough among his or her virtual friends.


There are two sides to every coin, and the world of technology is no different. Considering all we get from it and how big of an impact it has on our lives, we must use technology with care and caution and always try to maintain control over it, or it could lead to severe effects on our well-being.