Best Workout Apps That Will Help You Stay Fit

smartphone exercise - Best Workout Apps That Will Help You Stay Fit

If you feel that you have no control over your weight and want to start working out in order to get in shape, all you have to do is get up and hit the gym or go running. The easier said than done rule applies here more than ever, as not many people are capable of achieving such a strong mental determination.

Therefore, we have various apps that can help us accomplish our workout goals. Let’s check the most popular ones and see how you should use them in order to maximize the effect of exercising.

PEAR Personal Fitness Coach

fitness exercise 300x240 - Best Workout Apps That Will Help You Stay FitThis app is available for free for both Android and iOS devices, and it offers guided workouts which are followed by audio recordings. In other words, you can put your phone away and let it dictate you what to do next. The app comes with a wide variety of useful workout packages that you can use on a daily basis to improve your health and get in shape. Although this app is free, it comes with a premium subscription option which is $5.99 per month. Premium users will have an opportunity to access additional features and workouts.

Nike+ Training Club

Nike has a stand-alone app for people who want to increase their strength and endurance with a set of workouts offered by this brand. The best thing about it is that you can stream it on Apple TV and Chromecase, or even use an HDMI cable and connect the app to a big screen. Nike+ Training Club also includes the community where you can share your achievements, photos, and more. The app is synced with another application by Nike called Nike+ Run Club which mainly helps you if you go running.

You Are Your Own Gym

home workout health 300x178 - Best Workout Apps That Will Help You Stay FitThe name says it all — you don’t have to hit the gym and buy expensive equipment in order to work out. In fact, all you really need is your body weight as this app offers great assistance for people who want to work out at home with no equipment. All exercises are based on a book written by Mark Lauren who came up with a unique system of activities that require nothing but your body.

Yoga Studio

Yoga has been one of the most popular ways to improve your health and shape your body in the past decade. People often prefer this type of exercise since it proved to be a great alternative to standard gym workouts. Yoga Studio is one of the best yoga apps at the moment, available for all Android and iOS devices. However, it comes with a price of $3.99. Users also have an option to use this app on a big screen via Chromecast, AirPlay, or Apple TV.

Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

workout home 300x252 - Best Workout Apps That Will Help You Stay FitThe 7 Minute Workout App is based on an idea that most people need to work out approximately seven minutes every day in order to stay in shape. While this is very difficult to achieve in real life, the app does provide a set of videos and instructions that will help you achieve greater effect over shorter periods. It is available for both iOS and Android, and even has a Smart Workout feature which works like a personal trainer, customizing workouts for you. Furthermore, users have an option to customize workouts themselves.