Health Myths You Hear Every Day

water - Health Myths You Hear Every Day

Despite having access to all the information that we want, through the internet, we still cling to some myths and fail to inform ourselves of the facts. This can be problematic because some myths are repeated over and over and for some people, they become facts. 

Health myths, in particular, can be dangerous, because one might form habits which are unhealthy for oneself, or avoid doing things that are healthy. Here are the most prominent health myths, the kind that you could hear on a daily basis. 

An X Amount of Water Per Day is Necessary

water bottle 300x282 - Health Myths You Hear Every DayAll those water counting apps and advice on how much water you should drink are basically silly and unnecessary. There is plenty of research that shows people who drink water when they are thirsty get as much water as they need on a daily basis.

We have a simple sensor that tells us when to drink, our own thirst. We also have a sensor that tells us when to stop and how much is too much. Trust your body to let you know when you need to drink water, it is the best app that you already have.

Egg Yolk Is Really Bad For You

For those who have an unhealthy fear of eggs, they should not fret. As long as you eat two or three eggs per day, egg yolk will do nothing to a healthy body. What is more dangerous are all the fats and the carbs that are found in processed foods rather than what you would get from an egg or two.

Eggs are also full of various nutrients that are good for us, from healthy fats to proteins.

Don’t be Cold Or You’ll Catch One

winter walk 249x300 - Health Myths You Hear Every DayThis is another misconception that originates from times long gone. Usually, this is something that we are told by the elderly, and we have to dress much more than we would like or need to, especially if we were meant to be active.

Cold temperatures are not our enemy. Being exposed to cold temperatures is actually very good for our immune systems, helping it become stronger and more effective at fighting bacteria or viruses.

You are more likely to catch the common cold, a virus, indoors during the cold days, because that’s where all the points of interest for the virus are, people. Viruses don’t like cold temperatures.

Cracking Bones Is Your Enemy

Cracking bones is, most of the time, you popping bubbles in your bones. This hasn’t anything to do with bones hitting or scratching against one another. If that were the case, everyone who were to crack their bones would feel extreme pain. However, if you do experience pain, especially severe pain, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

There are plenty of health myths, and these are the more popular ones.