Weight Loss Betting — Earn Money by Getting Fit

money - Weight Loss Betting — Earn Money by Getting Fit

There are a lot of ways that can help lose weight and many of them require a strict discipline when it comes to eating and drinking habits. However, the most important thing for managing to lose weight is determination. Modern times have brought us a new trend that can further motivate you to stick to your goal — weight loss betting. 

If you are about to lose your weight, you can check out some of the weight loss bet programs. This way you’ll get your body fit and possibly even earn some cash in the process.

How Does It Work?

money food plate 300x288 - Weight Loss Betting — Earn Money by Getting FitBet Dieting is one of the newest trends in the digital world which helps you lose your weight while putting a prize on your weight loss goal. In other words, you are a bettor and you get to bet on yourself.

There are a lot of professional websites dedicated to this phenomenon. Most of them provide several types of weight loss betting programs, such as challenging your friends for team weight loss or competing in a corporate wellness program, and all these professional sites provide all required information and challenges for customer’s weight loss bet.

Some of the most popular websites that have excellent offers and have proven themselves in the world of diet betting are DietBet.com, FatBet.net and HealthyWage.com, and these three are the most popular one as well.


This website dedicated to Bet Dieting has a unique weight loss offer for its customers, and the main goal is to lose 4% of your body fat in four weeks. DietBet.com presents you with an opportunity to host a game with your friends, or maybe join a random group for your weight loss program.


lunch sandwitches laptop 300x155 - Weight Loss Betting — Earn Money by Getting FitThis weight loss betting website also provides a great deal of weight loss challenges, and here you can set your weight loss goals, as well as track your personal or FatBet group progress. Once the FatBet program is finished, all bettors who have reached their designated weight win, while others have to pay the wager that they decided on earlier.


HealthyWage is one of the most successful bet dieting websites which helped dieters win nearly $500,000 and lose approximately $900,000. HealthyWage also possesses a personal weight loss bet for its customers, and it allows you to join your team and take a corporate challenge as well.


lunch 300x149 - Weight Loss Betting — Earn Money by Getting FitWeight loss betting is a new trend that will surely become even more popular. You can meet new people that share a common goal and earn some cash along the way. You might not get rich, but if you are competitive in nature and use that prize as a form of motivation, you will certainly lose weight.