Meniscal Flounce

meniscal flounce

Initially thought to be only an arthroscopic finding, as a result of joint distention and anaesthetic muscle relaxants, meniscal flounces are increasingly being seen in MRI. Out of interest a flounce is a ruffle placed around a garment (often undergarment – beware googling this at work) as a decoration.

Meniscal flounces are rare, being seen in only 0.2%, more frequently of the medial meniscus. They are not associated with with an increase incidence of tears, but can be mistaken for one. Additionally in coronal projection they may make the inner margin of the meniscus appear truncated.

They are an asymptomatic variant.

1. Yu J.S et al Meniscal flounce: MR imaging. Radiology, Vol 203, 513-515

Credit: Dr Frank Gaillard