Along with pineoblastomas, pineocytomas are tumours of the pineocytes, and are indeed along a spectrum of differentiation. Similar to pineoblastomas they typically have peripheral “exploded” calcification, as compared to pineal germinomas where the calcification tends to be engulfed. They occur in young adults, are slow growing and well circumscribed (compared to pineoblastomas which tend to be larger, and less well circumscribed. Pineocytomas tend to be solid, although focal areas of cystic change or haemorrhage do occur, and therefore usually homogenously enhance. M:F 1:1

Pineocytomas are WHO grade I / II tumours.

May present with tectal compression, obstructive hydrocephalus and Parinaud syndrome.

Differential includes:

  1. Pineal cyst
  2. Pineoblastoma
  3. Pineal teratoma
  4. Pineal germinoma

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1. JG Smirniotopoulos, EJ Rushing, and H Mena. Pineal region masses: differential diagnosis. RadioGraphics 1992; 12: 577.

Credit: Dr Frank Gaillard