This young woman presented with rapidly progressive bilateral lower limb altered sensation. MRI demonstrated an enhancing, high T2 signal lesion involving the posterior columns at the C1/2 level. Further scanning of the brain (not shown) confirmed enough lesions to fulfil the MRI component of McDonald’s criteria for multiple sclerosis, although as this was the first presentation one further scan in 3 or so months is ideal to prove dissemination in time.

Myelitis, is a collective term simply referring to inflammation of the spinal cord. It is a form of myelopathy.

The two major subtypes include:

  • 1. Leukomyelitis
  • 2. Transverse myelitis
    • a) ideopathic transverse myelitis
    • b) secondary transverse myelitis – viral, autoimmune, post vaccination etc…


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Credit: Dr Frank Gaillard